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Pegah Mohit company is a leader in the production and import of all kinds of chemicals

Pegah Mohit company is a leader in the production and import of all kinds of chemicals

pegah mohit is a producer of water and wastewater treatment chemicals such as standard 17% aluminum sulfate and PAC with the best quality and in accordance with today's world standards.

Pegah Mohit, importer and producer of all kinds of industrial chemicals

As the largest group of importers and producers of all kinds of industrial chemicals, Pegah Mohit is at the forefront of development and innovation in this field. With extensive experience and expertise, pegah mohit has been able to offer a unique variety of chemical products. This group has access to diverse global sources and imports and produces high quality chemicals from all over the world. From raw materials to finished products, the entire production process in this complex is under complete control.

Pegah Mohit has been active in research and development with a productivity and environmental approach and presents its products according to international standards. This collection seeks to upgrade technology and continuous improvement in order to meet the changing needs of the global market. By leading the chemical industry, Pegah Environment plays a prominent role in economic development and influencing industrial processes. Using advanced technology and commitment to quality, this collection is known as one of the pioneers in providing industrial chemicals.

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Aluminum sulfate

Aluminum sulfate is interesting to know that aluminum sulfate is produced during a process that is the result of the reaction of sulfuric acid to an aqueous solution containing alumina (aluminum hydroxide). The applications of aluminum sulfate can be mentioned in the paper industry, because one of the most used of it is in cardboard, paper and carton making. Of course, it should be mentioned that since aluminum sulfate is trivalent, it has a high ability to coagulate colloidal particles, so it is widely used for water and wastewater treatment. In addition, know that since aluminum is made from the combination of aluminum ion and halogens such as chlorine and fluorine, it can be useful to prevent the adhesion of metals on some surfaces.

Ammonium persulfate

Ammonium persulfate is a mineral and chemical compound, which is considered as a strong oxidizer. This substance is also known as ammonium peroxydisulfate. Among its appearance characteristics is powdery or crystalline form, white to pale yellow in color, and its chemical characteristics include its solubility in water and ease of decomposition at high temperatures, safety and easy storage, resistant to moisture absorption. , mentioned the ability to ignite and quickly cool down. Ammonium persulfate is produced through the electrolysis of ammonium sulfate and dilute sulfuric acid and converted into crystals. Among the uses of this widely used chemical, we can mention the production of hydrogen peroxide in the chemical industry, organic polymer inhibitor, high molecular polymer initiator, photographic fixing agent and chemical reaction analysis.

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